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She Should Be So Plucky

by | 18th, May 2005

‘NO prizes for guessing the lead story in today’s tabloids, with the news of Kylie’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Time to think of Kylie’s breasts

The papers all run page after page of tributes to the much-loved singer. In the case of the Sun, it also allows them to jump aboard a popular bandwagon – for breast cancer is certainly one of the most high-profile, dare one say fashionable, causes around.

The paper offers wristbands, which cost a pound (via its own 60p-a-minute phoneline), with the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Care.

Of course, you could simply donate money directly, but that isn’t the point. “WEAR IT FOR KYLIE,” orders the headline. “A £1 wristband will show you care.”

The following page contains a prominent box headed “Where to buy the band”. But here’s betting that once the initial stock is sold out, they will start coming up for sale on eBay – as have previous wristbands for popular causes such as Radio One’s anti-bullying crusade.

If you are outbid on eBay, you can always send your message to Kylie via the pages of the Sun, using a special email address set up for the purpose, or join “the world’s biggest online get-well card on the Sun website.

Or you could do none of the above, and live with the knowledge that IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.’

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