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by | 18th, May 2005

‘THE British way of life is under attack.

”For a novel change, spice up your cuppa with an enlivening dash of gin”

The nation is on a slippery slope to nothing less than fizzy, gassy and day-glo Hell. Sales of tea are down!

The Times says that in the past two years sales of tea bags have dropped by a worrying 16 per cent. Loose tea is down by 9 per cent.

Over the same period, sales of caffeine-free herbal teas and fruit teas have soared by 50 percent.

While the survey by Mintel says that 80 per cent of Britons still routinely drink tea, the drink’s popularity among the younger elements of our society is a low as 72 per cent.

Tea, as the paper reminds readers in its leader column, “saw this nation through war, recession and countless Monday mornings”.

Without it we are so much less. So come on, get drinking, lest the fabric of our society fall apart like a soggy Rich Tea finger…’

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