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Sophie’s Choice

by | 19th, May 2005

‘MORE news to shout about in OK! as “FORMER HELLRAISER” Sophie Anderton “REVEALS HOW HER MAN MARK SAVED HER LIFE”.

There’s not much more of herself that Sophie can reveal

Those of you not up to speed with celebrity phraseology and hyperbole may suppose that this Mark is some heroic type who rescued Sophie from the jaws of a rabid baboon before performing an emergency femoral bypass on her, stitching up the wounds with the string-like tendons hanging from his broken wrist.

This is not the case. What with their being the parlance of showbiz, we can reveal that Mark Alexiou saved his Soph by giving her an ultimatum: “It’s either drugs or me?”

Sophie weighed up the pros and cons on a set of imaginary pocket-sized scales and plumped for Mark. And thus it was that she was saved.

And that’s just great news. We are happy that Sophie is happy, that Marks is happy, that they are happy together, even if they are not yet happily engaged to be happy in matrimony.

And you can see how happy they are when the face of self-tanning lotion Fake Bake (we kid you not), appears in the made-for-rehab documentary Me Myself And Mark.

It promises to be a belter of a show. For if there is one thing even more interesting than a model on drugs, it is a model telling the world about not being on drugs…’

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