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Boob Job

by | 19th, May 2005

‘“EVERYBODY knows that I’ve had a boob lift and I’m very happy with the results,” so says Kerry Katona in her OK! diary.

If in doubt, stick it out

“Before they were just empty so they have just been pumped up and are a lot firmer.”

Pumped up with what, you might well wonder. Well, fret no more because we can now exclusively reveal that the right appendage is now full of ketchup while the left dispenses a jet of lemon hooch at the merest tweak of a pert nipple.

And that’s not all, and a few pages before her diary, in a feature called “KERRY’S NEW BOOBS”, OK! sees what kind of a reaction Kerry’s new look is getting.

“Lust-crazed men walked into lamp posts, dogs stopped and barked and envious women, thought, how can I get her figure?”

Let’s just consider that evidence for a moment. Do we know that the men with trouble walking were not drunk or impaired in some other way? And is it a good thing to have dogs bark at you?

As for getting the figure, the recipe is easy. You get yourself two kiddies and a big pair of breasts. And – hey presto! – that’s it.

Oh, and if you can stick you tongue out, as Kerry is seen doing with such skill, so much the better – although you do run the considerable risk of being mistaken for Paul Gascoigne…’

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