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Motorway Madness

by | 19th, May 2005

‘HERE’S some news to warm both the heart and the wheels of your car: the M1 motorway is to get under-tarmac heating.

Warning: men with parasols

The Telegraph explains how pipes will carry a fluid that retains the road’s heat in summer and slowly release it in colder periods. What’s more, in summer, this process can be reversed to keep the road cool.

Great stuff. We’re just sure that this innovation will be a major benefit to anyone who likes to wander along the motorway in their bear feet.

But before cold hedgehogs can bed down on the fast lane, the Telegraph says that the system will be first tested out on an M1 slip road near Teddington.

Only if it’s successful, will the rest of the motorway’s drivers be treated to months of delays as the road is dug up and pipes put in.

And then the road relaid. Then dug up again to fix a fault. Then relaid. Then dug up to fix a fault…’

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