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by | 20th, May 2005

‘“VICTIM OF THE SLAPPING CRAZE,” announces the front page of the Express.

Coming to a mobile near you

No, it’s nothing to do with Abi Titmus – as Anorak readers know, she has categorically denied all accusations that she is a slapper. (“I have had to embrace being sexy and being a sexual person,” she explained. “But there is a big difference between being that and being a slapper. A big difference.”)

Today’s story concerns a young girl who was given a black eye during a “happy slapping” – the craze that’s sweeping the nation, in which teenagers attack strangers and film the “slapping” on their mobile phones.

Becky Smith, the 16-year-old victim in question, obviously had an unpleasant experience and we hope she is feeling better. However, it is another case that interests us.

The paper says that: “Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott narrowly escaped becoming a victim when he was confronted by 10 yobs at a service station.”

“What struck me about it is not only did they come with this kind of uniform but they came with a kind of movie camera to take a film of any such incident,” said Prescott afterwards.

Very nasty too, no doubt. All the same, we can’t help feeling there’s an element of rough justice here. “Two Jabs” Prescott rose to fame after one of the most famous “happy slaps” of recent times, when he chinned that mullet-headed farmer a few years back.

Admittedly he didn’t film it on his mobile phone, but then he didn’t have to – there was a whole army of snappers and film crews “with a kind of movie camera to take a film”. These men proved more than happy to circulate the pictures afterwards.

Granted, he didn’t wear a hood, and he held his hands up like a good’un once his temper had subsided.

All the same, he’d do well to hold his tongue on this subject – eloquent though his views would in a very real sense doubtless be expressed were he to find himself in a position to be ready to do so.

Ed Barrett’

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