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A Cold Day In Hell

by | 20th, May 2005

‘GOOD news for London’s abused Tube dwellers as the Times reports that new trains on the Metropolitan Line will come with air conditioning.

Keep cool as a newt on the Tube

The new system will be in place in 2009, about the same time the train just outside King’s Cross station begins to move again.

Sadly, the rest of the underground rail system will not be ready for the 21st Century until some time after that.

But in preparation for the coming revolution, travellers have been invited to come up with ways to cool the carriages.

The Times says that transport bosses have even offered £100,000 for the best solution. The rules are that the cooling system has to work above and below ground, be environmentally friendly, economically viable, work within the defined space and comply with health and safety regulations.

No winner has been announced, but some of the 3,500 entries are revealed. These include replacing the tacks with an underwater canal (“the slow pace of travel will make it pleasant”).

Another entrant suggested converting the London Eye big wheel into an oversized fan. Then there are plans for open-top carriages, giving travellers concertina fans and inviting passengers to get naked.

But our favourite is the portable cooling system – the so-called ‘Special Brew’ – favoured by many Tube users, who prefer to carry a drink with them at all times and then allow a trickle of urine to pass down their legs.

Hats off to them…’

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