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by | 23rd, May 2005

‘MALES reading this, their man bags nestled confidently onto the pleats of their skirts, will be interested in the Times’s news from Japan.

Hata is as cool as a wasabi enema

To Japan’s so-called salarymen, that backbone of the country’s economy, whose idea of relaxing attire is wearing a cotton tie to bed, comes news of a revolution in office style.

But before we can reveal the new suits that are set to keep the office drones cool, we need to understand the background into why this reappraisal of men’s clothing has come about.

It’s rooted in the 1997 Kyoto conference on global warming, in which Japan pledged to reduce levels of ozone-depleting gasses from 1990 levels by 6 per cent by 2012.

So there was much heated debate when figures for 2003 showed that emissions were up by 8 per cent from that base year.

But while the rising sun beats down on Japanese heads, the country’s government has set about launching Cool Biz, an attempt to get salarymen to cast aside their suits in favour of new airy garb.

The effect would be to cut-down on the need for air-conditioning, so vital in keeping the men the polyester and wool uniforms of corporate anonymity cool.

With that said, it’s now the moment to unleash the new look that will keep Japanese manhood chilled, and get Japanese womanhood hotter than a wasabi enema.

And no, it’s not the short-sleeved suit, the appalling outfit favoured by Tsutomu Hata, former Japan prime minister, who, as the Times rightly says, looks like his clothes have been hacked to bits by a vengeful lover.

And neither is it a Sumo-style nappy, available in reassuring nylon and kashmir for the city gent.

This new initiative, led by the country’s current PM, Junichiro Koizumi, features such items as a top which incorporates the pleat of an evening shirt with the sleeves and back of a polo shirt, and ventilation holes in the armpits.

And here’s a jacket with batwing sleeves and nipped-in waist. As the Times says, it’s less a case of “Suits you, sir” and more “Hello sailor”.

Who says global warming is all bad?’

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