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by | 26th, May 2005

‘AS any celebrity chef knows, swearing is fine and dandy if the pudding demands it. Indeed, profuse swearing is now as important to a cook’s repertoire as being able to bake a perfect soufflé.

Oliver washes his mouth out with soap

And there’s to be more of it. No longer will Jamie Oliver need to mutate his true feeling into “pukka”, as the Times reports on a new Broadcasting Code drawn up by Ofcom, the communications regulator.

While all steps must be taken to protect under-18s from stuff that might “seriously impair their moral development”, the code makes provision for more “freedom of expression”.

You see, Oliver’s swearing is indicative of his “passionate” nature, as Ofcom says it is, just as the use of the dreaded C-word is part of the plot in Jerry Springer: The Opera.

As the code explains: “Offensive language must not be broadcast before the watershed, or when children are particularly likely to be listening, unless it is justified by the context.”

Sounds simple enough, but how are children expected to learn swearing if they can’t watch it, let alone become TV chefs.

Thankfully, most children now all stay up after 9pm, what with if being hard to get to sleep after watching the evening news…’

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