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Salad Days

by | 27th, May 2005

‘AH, how we hanker for those halcyon days when we only had to worry about what we put into our own mouths.

”Don’t worry, miss, it only fires organic bullets”

Now we’re invited to study each morsel everyone else eats.

See that officially overweight man on the telly – he eats ten Mars bars, fifteen packets of full-fat crisps, 20 Sudan 1 biscuits, a small panda bear and a four-year-old child stuffed with marshmallows and dipped in sunset orange colouring for breakfast.

Is he happy? Well, he was until some TV doctor shoved a camera in his face and other into a pile of his poo.

And it’s set to get worse. The Government plans to educate the next generation of junk food eaters into being every bit as boring and vegetable-like as their new dinner menu.

The Express says that pupils in the Brighton and Hove area are to have the contents of their lunchboxes examined by inspectors.

While, it’s hard to argue that a diet of all chocolate buttons and fizzy drinks will make Jack a bright boy, it will make him the envy of his peers. He might even be popular.

What’s more, his packed lunch has probably been put together by his mum. Jack carries his composite blend of additives and reconstituted foodstuffs with his parents’ blessing.

The food may not be loaded with vitamins, it may taste like masticated snot, but his mum says it okay. And what right is it of anyone else to say otherwise?

Joanna Rickhards, a mother in the Brighton area who sends her brood to school with packed lunches so they don’t need to eat the school dinners, calls the scheme “patronising”.

“It is probably well meant,” she concedes, “but local government should be channelling resources into addressing school dinners.”

She makes a good point. But what business is it of hers and other mothers like her to dictate council policy? Why, that would be meddling in someone else’s business.

It’s best if parents leave the experts to get on with their jobs – and the parents are allowed to get on with theirs…’

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