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Strange Fruit

by | 31st, May 2005

‘WHAT’S plump, red and covered in hundreds of dimples? No, not Elton John’s sun-kissed thighs – nothing good be further from the truth.


The answer is, of course, a strawberry. And as fate would have it, the small, succulent fruit can actually prevent your skin looking like it’s been modelled on a cottage cheese golf ball.

Just take a look at Sarah Jessica Parker, who, as the Enquirer reports, has lost an “amazing” 28 pounds since giving birth to her son James, now aged two.

Those who have seen the actress on the small screen may be forgiven for worrying that SJP now weighs not much more than a punnet of the fruits she chomps on.

But you’d be wrong, because the Enquirer reminds us all that when pregnant SJP did put on weight, and managed to look something other than the rather drawn, ovine-faced creature we’ve so learned to love.

But now she’s back to her old self, and, as we’ve already said, it’s all thanks to a ruthless regime of strawberries.

“If you eat sensibly, healthy meals that include a small portion of protein and limited carbohydrates to total 1,200 calories a day, you will lose weight,” says Dr Stacy Title, a “weight-loss specialist”. “But if you include calorific snacks, you’re destroying your diet.”

Hence, she commends to our attention the strawberry. And for added daring, a cup of blueberries, which “has only 40 calories compared to a 300 calorie donut”.

Dr Title could doubtless go on, and enthuse about the wonders of gooseberries, raspberries, mulberries and, who knows, if she’s feeling up to the challenge, the wonderful blackberry.

But that for later. Because right now SJP looks “BERRY GOOD”, positively fruity, and not at all like she’s sucking on a lemon…’

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