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Going Bananas

by | 31st, May 2005

‘TO let you know the profiles of each of this year’s 13 Big Brother contestants in one go would take too long and test your patience to breaking point.

Spot the banana

Better to just trickle them out a little at a time and focus on a different characteristic of each.

So it’s over to the Mirror to bone up on the sensational news that Saskia (“Cheryl Tweedy with a sugar addiction”) has a thing for men with tattoos.

She also has a thing for bananas, and the paper produces a large photo of Saskia eating one of the phallic-shaped fruits.

The same shot appears in the Sun, albeit smaller and in black and white.

And for some reason, alongside the photo, the Sun says that Ladbrokes have cut the odds on their being a Big Brother shag from 5-2 to evens.

Although bets are not being taken on Saskia eating another banana, nor of the papers salivating over a picture of her doing so.

What with it being a dead cert…’

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