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by | 1st, June 2005

‘THE Telegraph’s news that 54 per cent of Tories want David Davis as the party’s next leader should have Tony Blair skipping onto the plane to Washington next week.

Summit about nothing

Such surveys are, of course, riddled with margin for error, and others investigations into the Tories could reveal that 65 per cent of them like marmalade and 95 per cent possess an ardent desire to bomb France.

But putting that to one side, it seems Davis is the Cheltenham housewives’ choice. So what if he’s blessed with all the charm of a traffic cop’s helmet, he’s white, got decent hair and…er… Did we mention his hair?

And Tony’s not the only one who’s going to be happy aboard a plane to Washington, where he will hold talks with Bush on the G8 agenda, a plan under threat from what the Times terms “heavy US opposition”.

His wife Cherie will also be pretty chuffed with life, because while Tony’s getting his act together, she’ll be preparing herself for a sell-out lecture at the 2,500-seat Kennedy Centre.

Billed as an inside account of the “First Lady of Downing Street” and “her intensely consuming private life”, Cherie, who is not travelling to the US with her husband, will earn tens of thousands of pounds as she tells all about Tony’s pants and Leo’s nappies.

But not everyone is so keen to hear Cherie speak. And Chris Grayling, Shadow Leader of the House, sees the lecture as evidence of Cherie using her proximately to further feather her well-padded nest.

“When we have the wife of the Prime Minister giving highly paid talks about life inside No.10, it is time we had a review of the ministerial code,” says he.

This code states that ministers should not receive “extra profits or goods” just because of the office they hold.

The feeling is that in timing her lecture to coincide with the Bush-Blair summit, Cherie is in some way milking her husband’s status.

Of course, this is rubbish, and Cherie would no more take advantage and profit from her husband’s position than she would fail to pay for a rail ticket, sympathise with suicide bombers, chair a series of policy seminars at Number 10…’

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