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Getting A Line

by | 1st, June 2005

‘IT’S a question that has been asked at a million dinner parties in a million London homes: where the hell is everyone else?

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

The answer is, naturally, that Jilly and Dave are stuck in a Tube tunnel, Veronica couldn’t get to the open doors in time to disembark at her stop, and Peter and his new friend Rupert are staring in disbelief at the electronic sign that promises the next train’s arrival in 12 minutes – a promise it has advertised for the last 20 minutes.

The remedy is simple. Firstly, never arrange to do anything in London where a Tube train plays any part, however small. And secondly, to make it possible for passengers to use their mobile phones underground.

While all Londoners make a pact to stay indoors and in their cars – forever! – Transport for London is taking bids from 65 companies hoping to install the technology to make using your mobile on all areas of the Tube possible.

If the plan stays on track, within three years passengers will be able to use their phones on the Underground – and Dan and Trudy will know that their guests can’t make it to the candlelit soiree because they are stuck down a deep hole with a hundred other “partygoers”, half a bag of crisps and a Crazy Frog ringtone…’

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