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by | 1st, June 2005

‘WE are all of us looking for meaning.

”It’s a crazy plan, but it just might work”

In the Mail, Bobby Freeman was cooking breakfast when he found meaning in a cracked egg. “It was an uncanny resemblance,” says Freeman, who took a photo of his frying pan.

“I got others to look, and all agreed it was just like the Queen.”

Indeed it does, and while we pour over Her Majesty’s two fried eggs, marvelling at how the whites of one have formed into a silhouette of her famous crowned head, we turn to the Express.

Over there, we learn that many readers of the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown’s book in which a US professor tries to uncover the secrets of the Holy Grail, believe the book to be true.

Some are arriving at Westminster Abbey, which features in the book, and asking guides to tell them if such and such a thing really is so.

At this news, you might suppose the protectors of the Christian faith would rejoice, delighted at the interest in their religion.

But having denied the company making a Hollywood film of the book access to the Abbey, the authorities are now equipping tourist guides with information sheets highlighting the many wrongs in Brown’s bestselling work.

But not all of Christianity is singing from the same hymn sheet, and while Westminster says no, Lincoln Cathedral is happy to accept £100,000 to stand in for the London edifice in the movie.

As Alec Knight, dean of Lincoln, says: “Aspects of the book make no sense at all but the film will ensure our faith is discussed.”

Indeed. And we look forward to its release with great interest, especially the scene in which Jesus (BA Baracus) turns to Mary Magdalene (Pamela Anderson) and asks her why God (Larry Hagman) walked out on his dear old mum (Joan Collins) all those years ago.’

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