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The British Are Coming

by | 2nd, June 2005

‘LAST night, the first season of Desperate Housewives ended in the UK, and a hole was left in our scheduled lives.

You couldn’t make it up

Newspaper editors held their heads in their hands, put their myriad stories about the “Real Desperate Housewives” who live on the country’s Wisteria Lanes in a large box and sent it the same way as the “Real Sex And the City Girls”.

But we should not be too upset, because we in Blighty still have the thrills and pills of Footballers’ Wives, the show that, as the Times says, makes life on Wisteria Lane seem like a Tupperware Party.

And very soon, viewers in the US will be able to catch up on the goings on among our nouveau riche elite as BBC America broadcasts the show over there.

Having already sold the show to 20 counties, and so educated people in Spain about the perils of fake breasts that catch fire, and alerted Italians to the dangers of hermaphrodite babies and self-tanning cream, the show is set now to conquer America.

And surely it will. Americans will just love the ludicrous storylines that give new meaning to the line that the British are coming…’

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