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Milking It

by | 3rd, June 2005

‘JUST saying the words Kym Marsh and Jack Ryder is enough to bring even the most intrepid type out in a sweat rash.

Milking it for all it’s worth

So busy are Kym and Jack that keeping up with their lives is a full time occupation for OK!.

But never ones to baulk at a challenge, the magazine straps on some trainers and tries to keep up with our favourite celebrity couple.

But what’s this? A few months ago, former EastEnders actor Jack was faster than a rat up a drainpipe, now he looks like an eel swimming through a sea of jelly.

What’s up, Jack? “I’d put on weight and was about 13 stone, so I decided to do something about it and started training hard, running every day and going to the gym,” says Jack.

And that wasn’t all. A healthy mind in a healthy body was Jack’s mantra, as he set about buffing up the inside of his body with a variety of whey and protein shakes.

And in November last year Jack began feeling unwell. Now Kym chips in and says that she was worried. “He looked ill, and his skin was grey.”

To our mind, grey is a pretty normal pallor for any Londoner, and such an appearance should have scored Jack many parts playing loveable Cockney types. But Jack was in trouble.

He looked, in is own words, “pale and gaunt”. He had “no energy”. He was “tired”. So he was rushed to a doctor in Harley Street. No ambulance! No 999 emergency call! No time!

The doctor showed Jack a camera; but before Jack could show his best side to the lens, the medic had shoved it up inside him.

Finally, Jack was on camera again. But it wasn’t his acting ability alone that fascinated the doctor – there was some inflammation in the gullet.

Jack expected more. But at his lowest there came an unlikely breakthrough – Kym began reading a book. In it, Kym learnt of a man who had the same symptoms as Jack. And this character was suffering from an allergic reaction. Was it possible? Could Jack have the same?

Wasting no time, Jack and Kym dashed back for more tests. Sadly, no cameras were involved, but Jack did get to discover that he was allergic to cow’s milk.

“All I could think of was all those whey milk shakes I’d been drinking, sometimes four or five a day,” says Jack, rightfully stunned at the link between his liquid diet and his illness.

Now, Jack’s on a dairy-free diet, and he feels well enough to go for a few auditions. With those, we wish him well.

And only hope that when he’s back to his old self, he slows down a bit and allows us all to catch up…’

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