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by | 3rd, June 2005

‘“TURNER prize shocker,” screams the Telegraph on its cover page. “The favourite is a woman who paints flowers. Whatever next?”

You can just make out the dead shark

A look at the accompanying shot of one of artist Gillian Carnegie’s works seems to confirm that the Telegraph is correct. Those do look like flowers, albeit dead ones. And the picture does resemble a painting.

But we cannot yet confirm whether Ms Carnegie is a woman or a man dressed up to look like a woman, nor can we say if she paints with real paint or a form of coloured urine blended with masticated tiger droppings.

A more insightful dissection of Carnegie and her work will surely take place after she has won the coveted art prize.

But she faces some stiff competition. And though her work is seen as refreshingly normal, a move away from dead sharks, elephant poo and transvestite potters to a “New Gentleness in British art”, the Guardian still want to take a look at her agonists.

There’s the work of Simon Starling, who attached two homemade rocket devices to the back of a bicycle. There’s Jim Lambie, who makes installation and sculptures from things like wool, safety pins and album covers.

And Darren Almond, who, as the Turner Prize judges put it in the Telegraph, “underscored the tension between stillness and transition, transforming the banal into something theatrical”.

The competition is indeed fierce. And we’re sure the winner will be important, worthy and dynamic. Just like our entry ‘Vomit In Sock’, a work in perpetual progress…’

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