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Black List

by | 3rd, June 2005

‘ALL week long the papers have been playing a game of will they, won’t they?

This year’s black

Now adding his weight to the call to get the Spice Girls to perform at Live 8 is Chris Martin, the lead singer of UK band Coldplay.

Martin, who is fast turning into pop’s Mr Rent-A-Quote, says in the Sun how he hopes the Spices will play because they were a “phenomenon”. “They should get back together and do it.”

And so they should. And we wonder how any credible charity gig can find no space for the band that took up the cudgel of female emancipation, wrapped it in a thong and screamed “Girl Power” at a cruel world from the back of a limousine?

And there is another yet a more worthy reason why the Spices should perform. As the Mail reports, of the 22 acts confirmed for the Hyde Park event, not one is black.

This is an oddity, especially since the show is supposed to be helping Africa, a place where we’re told lots of black people live.

But why is this so? As the Mail asks: “Why no black stars?” Perhaps there are no black musicians. We’ve got green ones (the Crazy Frog) and orange ones (Girls Aloud), but why no black ones?

But, of course, if the Spices perform, this will change, because in their midst is one Scary Spice, brown skinned Melanie Brown.

It’s clear that the Spice Girls must perform – not only to save the word from disaster, but to give Africans the belief that they can sing and dance with the best of them, so long as they really, really wannabe it…’

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