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Fatter, Fitter, Faster

by | 6th, June 2005

‘BEFORE Posh steps on the treadmill in an effort to make her buttocks as full as that woman’s who was, apparently, seen kissing her husband at the weekend, she should pause.

Dwayne was ready for another two minutes of frenzied, heart-pumping eating

And in that hiatus, she should hear the Mail’s news that just two minutes of intense exercise a day does as much to keep you fit as two hours of moderate training.

Professor Martin Gibala, whose report is a boon for couch potatoes, gym dodgers and fast lovers, says: “The whole excuse that ‘I didn’t have time to exercise’ is directly challenged by these findings.”

This is good news. And while Posh straddles her Dave for three repetitions of two minute bursts of frenzied exercise, the Sun tells us that it could be just as good to do nothing at all.

Britain might well be in the grip of an “obesity crisis”, as the Mail claims, but the Sun says you can be fat and happy.

Clinical psychologist Jane Wardle asked 5,000 children aged between 11 and 15 about body image, self-esteem and their eating habits.

And she discovered that obese children were no more likely to be depressed or suffer from major psychiatric problems than their thinner peers.

“And this is despite the fact that they face social dejection and even discrimination,” says Wardle.

And if the overweight can bench press their jumbo hot dogs and curl a matching pair of super-sized fizzy drinks for just two minutes a day, so much the better for them…’

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