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Casting Call

by | 7th, June 2005

‘RUSSELL Crowe is fast emerging as the most likely candidate to reprise the role of ET, the foreigner who badly wanted to phone home.

”I wanna call Eliot”

Vying with him for the part is our very own sexiest woman in soap, Jesse Wallace.

The auditions have begun in earnest, and the Sun says Wallace threw a tantrum when she couldn’t find her mobile phone.

“She got more and more distraught,” says an unnamed source on the EastEnders set. “It got to the point where she was crying and had become so emotional they had to send her home in a car.”

Car, make-up truck, space ship, what difference? And we salute a bravura performance by one of the nation’s favourite players.

But though Wallace is undoubtedly a fine soap actress, who can do the full range of human emotion, from shouting to screaming through yelling and bawling, Crowe is Hollywood.

In “PRATTUS MAXIMUS”, the Sun leaves Wallace to focus on her chief agonist, Crowe, who was auditioning for the part in New York.

And he too acted up when looking for a working phone. Having extended a long, bony finger and, apparently, tried to phone his wife, Danielle, at their home in Sydney, Crowe was horrified to find that he could not get through.

At this point, Crowe could have asked himself what ET would have done. But instead of sending down to room service for the movie and getting in character, Crowe remembered what he’d seen the night before: a world championship boxing fight in Manchester.

And Crowe knew what to do. He “ripped” the handset from the wall, left his room and went downstairs. And we get to find out what then allegedly occurred in the Mail, which has taken a look at the criminal complaint lodged against Crowe.

Reading like bald stage direction, the rap sheets goes: “Defendant picked up a telephone and threw it at informant [a 28-year-old hotel night porter], hitting him in the face and causing a laceration and substantial pain. Defendant admitted he picked up the phone and threw it at informant because he was angry.

“Defendant possessed a dangerous or deadly instrument with intent to use it unlawfully against another.”

Of course, when viewed from a different angle, through a different lens, the scene, as narrated by Crowe’s publicist, Robin Baum, looks oddly different.

In this version, let’s call it the PR’s cut, Crowe asks the front desk to replace his faulty phone. But instead of a new handset, he gets something called “attitude”.

So Crowe takes the phone downstairs, “in an effort to address the situation in person”. Words are exchanged [although not down the faulty phone] and Crowe ends up “throwing the phone against the wall”.

It’s quite a show. And Wallace looks to have her work cut out if she wants to get the part.

Although the Mail’s news that Crowe could, theoretically, face a maximum eight years in jail for the alleged assault makes Wallace an early favourite…

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