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Fischer Of Men

by | 7th, June 2005

‘THAT Jack Straw has a tricky job is indisputable. It’s not easy being Foreign Secretary and taking orders from two men, Tony Blair and George Bush.

”I give up! But tell me, who did kill Cock Robin?”

And it’s not his fault Robert Mugabe chose to sit in a particularly shaded corridor and call upon Straw’s innate sense of decency with an outstretched hand.

Being Jack Straw is not easy. And then there are the glasses. Especially his round ones.

But spare a thought for Joshka Fischer, Germany’s Foreign Minister. Earlier this year, the Times tells us that Fischer “was questioned on television for 12 hours over visa rules”.

It might make better viewing than EastEnders, but surely such an interrogation is too much for any man to take, even the German Fischer.

But in an effort to avoid a repeat performance, the Times says that Fischer and his department are clamping down on foreigners who want to enter their fine land, even if it is to visit Germany for the Pope’s first pilgrimage abroad.

As the paper says, in an effort to keep undesirables out, visitors will be asked “searching question” about their knowledge of Christianity.

German embassies, particularly in the Balkan states, have made up a scored questionnaire to filter the enlightened from the freeloading.

Questions like: “Who were the first people?” (Correct answer: The Germans). “How and when did Jesus die?” (Answer: We were just obeying orders.)

And on the questions go, growing even trickier, until the only people allowed into Gott’s country are the Pope, Tony Blair and Mel Gibson…’

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