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The Ex Men

by | 8th, June 2005

‘IS it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a mentally stunted fantasist in a cape?

Where’s a batcopter when you need one

No, it’s Jason Hatch, the man who took Fathers 4 Justice up the walls of Buckingham Palace, and was brought down again by a man dressed as a policeman.

Well, he’s back. And he’s in the Times. But he’s not dressed as The Joker or sitting atop the Millennium Wheel in full Wonder Woman garb. In fact, we can’t see him at all.

The thing is that hatch has been expelled from the group he helped bring to prominence over accusations that he and his Robin, David Pyke, conned a pensioner out of £500.

Both crime fighters protest their innocence. And demand that Commissioner Gordon get on the case right away.

And that’s not all. The paper says that Fathers 4 Justice is split by infighting (our money’s on Spider Man), and just last week, Hatch and Pyke say 40 members of the group met in a secret underground cave in Bromsgrove to discuss the role of Matt O’Connor, the groups head.

A vote was called, and, according to the pair, a motion of no confidence in O’Connor was duly carried.

Then everyone went to bed in their bob the Builder pyjamas…’

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