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Building A Career

by | 10th, June 2005

‘IS it a picture from a new reality TV show, or it that really Vic Reeves pushing a wheelbarrow full of bricks through a building site?

That seat taken?

We turn to the Mail for an explanation, and therein learn that Reeves is not auditioning for “Building A Career”, but working as a labourer as part of his community service order for crashing his car while three times over the alcohol limit.

And while Vic rebuilds his reputation, the Sun tells us of another celebrity miscreant.

The paper says that George Best has been questioned by police over an alleged attack on Vicky Pope, who he’s accused of slapping.

Having been formerly arrested, Best spent at least four hours in a police station in Staines. Despite the ordeal, his agent, Phil Hughes, described his hard-drinking client as being “in good spirits”.

And there’s more. In this day of celebrity shame the Star says that following Reeves and Best at great speed is Amy Nuttall.

Standing before the Beak, “soap babe” Nuttall responded to the accusation that she’d been speeding in her motor car. She should not be banned, she pleaded, because she faced exceptional hardship” if forced to share public transport with the rest of us.

Riding on trains and buses makes Amy feel “vulnerable”. It is hard for her to travel on public transport without being “hassled”.

Sadly, her appeal fell on deaf ears. And we can only advise Amy when riding the Tube to wear something more than her customary bikini.

And if you are approached by a reeling, middle-aged man smelling of booze, try not to recoil in horror and spray him with mace, but understand that he, like you, was once a celebrity…’

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