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Cherie-O Baby

by | 13th, June 2005

‘POOR old Cherie Blair. You can’t blame her, not really.

”What am I bid for this man? Do I hear ten pounds..?”

She’s a girl from Liverpool. She bought shoes on the internet for a mere £15. If she wants to wants to earn herself a few nicker for speaking about being Mrs Tony Blair, then fair play to her.

Perhaps we should less wonder about her than we should fear for the sanity of the people who see fit to cough up their hard-earned cash to hear Cherie’s views on children, Palestinian suicide bombers and a swanky new shopping centre in Malaysia that the Telegraph says she is rumoured to be promoting.

Tony has only a short while left in office, and Cherie needs to cash in now. She and Tone need a decent mansion. The kids need luxurious flats. They no longer need popularity?

Cherie’s doing what she can. Just as Condoleeza Rice, the US Secretary of State, is using her talent for good.

The Times says that Rice, who trained as a pianist and was playing Beethoven “before her feet could touch the pedals”, gave a performance at Washington’s Kennedy Centre to raise awareness for pulmonary hypertension.

She was accompanied by soprano Charity Sunshine Tilleman-Dick, who suffers from the life-threatening condition, before an audience that included diplomats and Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary General.

Surprisingly, Cherie Blair was not in the audience. But had she been, we don’t doubt she’d have risen to her feet, clapped her hands in rhythm and sung from the heart.

While Tony went up and down the aisles with his empty hat…’

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