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Age Before Beauty

by | 14th, June 2005

‘WHAT a million children hoped for is now fact: smoking does make you look more grown up.

”Don’t tell me mum, she’d kill me”

Research at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, seen by the Times, shows that smokers have shorter than normal telmeres – “genetic structures that protect DNBA from age-related damage”.

And keep piling in the junk food, kids, because the even better news is that if you are an obese smoker, you will age even faster.

The paper says that obese women appear to be 8.8 years older than women of healthy weight, and heavy smokers look 7.4 years older than someone who has never smoked.

But before all you ten year olds take a drag on a smoke, push a burger into your face and attempt to ‘legally’ buy a litre of alcopop, the Telegraph carries a warning.

The paper says that to reap the benefits of looking older, you have to smoke a lot of fags and eat a lot of lard for many years.

Then, along with a lined face and careworn eyes, you’ll be more prone to heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s and other age-related illnesses.

You will then, aged 40, but looking much older, be put in a care home, sat near a draught, pumped full of pills and forgotten about…’

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