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Over The Moonwalk

by | 15th, June 2005

‘IN a language that most tabloid readers can understand, let us say that Michael Jackson is over the Moonwalk.

Jackson II: Return To Neverland

As are we all, because if there’s one thing guaranteed to get the country swimming in a sea of joy it is when justice is done and seen to be done.

As The Sun’s resident blonde, Jane Moore, puts it: “Michael Jackson is innocent” – no doubting that. “Justice has been done.” Hurrah! “Or so the loony tunes gathered outside the courthouse would have us believe.”

Loony tunes? Surely Moore means to say “they who dared to believe when so many doubted Him”. When accuser Gavin Arvizo’s cock crowed, these apostles stayed true to their idol.

For them a seat at His right hand on a ride at Jackson’s Neverland compound. But no space in his bed, because, as the Sun announces on its front page: “Jackson’s vow: no more boys in my bed.”

But even with his acquittal, and the promise to change his ways, it appears many people believe there is no smoke without fire. And though the singer’s head is not ablaze, the Sun hears from Jackson trial juror Raymond Hultman.

Under American law, jurors are allowed to tell the Press how they arrived at their verdict – expect 12 books with titles like “Courtroom Thriller”, “The Boy Wasn’t His” and “Beat It” sometime soon – which means we get to hear Hultman say how Jackson “dodged the bullet”.

Hultman says Jackson displayed a “pattern of molesting young boys”. And in bolder terms: “Michael Jackson probably molested boys.”

Probably? But not with Arvizo. At least not beyond any reasonable doubt. And certainly not without a Jackson comeback retrial…’

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