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by | 15th, June 2005

‘DISPLAYING our wristbands along our arms like the women of the Pa Dong Karen tribe wear their neck rings, we exist at the bleeding edge of righteous fashion.

”I’m with Michael Jackson”

But we could be giving out the wrong signals. The Mail writes that our wristbands say more than a simple “Free Nelson Mandela” T-shirt ever could.

News is that in a survey of 15-19 years olds, 60% said the colour of your wristband represents more than your efforts to raise awareness into an illness or social wrong.

For instance, that purple bracelet, the one you bought to show your support for research into Alzheimer’s disease (remember?), also means you are gay.

The pink one, which helps raise money for breast cancer research, is the emblem of a straight female. A red bracelet, bought to signify your support for Childline, means you are sexually available.

And it gets yet more complex when you start mixing colours. Pink and anti-bullying blue show the world that you are bisexual.

Wearing purple and Make Poverty History white means you are gay and attached. While pink and red are the mating signals of a straight, sexually available female.

Strapping on pink, white, blue, red, purple, yellow, white and black together means you are a fashion victim who will go with anyone who pays the slightest bit of interest in you.

Although not with Michael Jackson, obviously…’

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