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Rules Of Engagement

by | 15th, June 2005

‘REMEMBER the Conservatives? Sure you do. They used to govern the country. Were led by a fierce woman. Wore a lot of Blue. No, not the Iceni. This lot had 4x4s.

Howard finds Maggie’s control panel

Anyhow, the Times says they Tories are plotting a return to power. And just as soon as they can agree on who should be their next leader, they’ll put their plan into action.

But before we get to the runners and riders in the Conservative leadership stakes, the party first needs to deliberate how the contestants will be selected.

It’s like listening to a dysfunctional family arguing about which gear to put the car into while it slips backwards towards the edge of a steep cliff.

But rules are rules, and the Tories are keen to make some new ones up. And deprived of the chance to form a Government, and so produce some real legislation, they’ve sunk their teeth into this problem.

Thing is, they’re in danger of ripping it to shreds. Because Tory MPs are being offered a confusing raft of options to elect their next leader.

Tonight, Tory MPs will get a chance to see these options, foremost of which will be current leader Michael Howard’s plan to return the power to elect the leader to MPs, rather than the party’s constituency associations.

But don’t worry if you don’t like that one, because there are five more on the table.

These include: 1. Keep the existing rules, and run the risk of electing Iain Duncan Smith again. 2. The three most popular candidates among grassroots members are presented to MPs, who then chose their favourite. 3. Create a new party for each Tory MP, so making everyone a leader.

4. Plug in Maggie Thatcher. All is forgiven…’

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