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by | 15th, June 2005

‘ANYONE who wishes to donate their Live 8 ticket to Anorak will be doing a great thing for the world’s poor.

”I wouldn’t sell this for all the money in Mauritania”

We give our solemn word that at the big rock gig to end all big rock gigs (until Bob Geldof fancies another go at his mass-participation karaoke), we will have a good time and give it up for Africa.

But we will not be offering you any cash for them. To do so would be wrong. If you don’t want to go or can’t go yet are keen to really help Africa’s poor, you must give them away.

And it’s not just us telling you – it’s the Government and Geldof, who, as the Times says, are appalled, dismayed and shocked that tickets for the concert are being offered for sale on the Ebay internet auction site.

We could point out that to upset the Government is all part of rock ‘n’ roll. And if that means flogging your tickets to the highest bidder on Ebay, then so be it.

But this is no pop concert. No, it isn’t. Really. It’s a political rally for music lovers. And only a fool, a young William Hague or someone into what Geldof calls “sick profiteering” would pay to attend one of those.

You can’t yet get Geldof’s slogan written on an official Live 8 T-shirt, but you can scream it at anyone who offers you their tickets.

And, in any case, Ebay has now decided to stop allowing its customers to profit from the tickets and has removed them from sale.

Although, after the event you will doubtless be able to buy a Live 8 ticket stub featuring an effigy of Jesus, Geldof or Michael Jackson on the barcode…’

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