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Bra Wars

by | 16th, June 2005

‘“I WANT doesn’t get,” says mum. “But mum,” says young Armani, in words echoed in OK!’s headline, “I WANT TO BE GLAMOUR MODEL.”

Do not try this without parental permission

But what to do?

The ambitious young gel is adamant that she wants to be the next Jordan, and you as a parent owe it to her to support the dream.

If you don’t, you will be preventing her from realising her full potential. Ask yourself if the Williams Sisters would ever have made it big in tennis had their dad not helped them? Would Charlotte Church have got on without her mum Maria? Could Anthea Turner have done anything meaningful without parental support?

And OK!, owned by Richard Desmond, the man behind adult TV channels, the Jim’ll Fix It of top-shelf mags who has helped many girls in their quest for fulfilment, is here to help.

He’s employed Carolone Virr, the showbiz editor from his Express newspaper, to tell worried mums that it’s fine – your daughter is perfectly normal.

“Striving for financial independence is not to be scoffed at, says she “and those who have made their mark on the business say they have no regrets.”

So if you want to flash your bits, and didn’t make it onto a reality TV show, then don’t despair because OK! will always give you a sympathetic ear, and a shoulder to hang your bra on…’

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