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Where Are The Wallies?

by | 17th, June 2005

‘IT’S easy to miss the Countess of Wessex. We’ve been looking for her for what seems like an age, but still we can’t see her.

Do you see them?

But she is there. She and her husband are always there. The trick is to find them.

And today we launch the first instalment of Anorak’s new games, Where Are The Wallies?

It’s a lot like Where’s Wally, the finding game where you scan the page in the hope of seeing some insipid chap in the general throng, only better – now you’re looking for two Wallies.

And so to this week’s game, in which we flick through the pages of Hello! to see if we can catch a glimpse of the Wessexes at large in the community.

Are the Royal chameleons on the balcony at the Trooping of the Colour? Hard to tell with the Queen’s hat in the way.

Are they standing in Tricia Goodard’s garden behind a hedge, while the queen of daytime telly tells us about her life – which reads like a template to an entire series of confessional TV shows?

Or are they on manoeuvres with the Lincoln and Welland regiment in Ontario Canada?

Could be. Because if you stare closely enough, there, at the back of the shot, is what seems to be a moving bush. And, yes, it is the Countess, and she’s dressed in Army camouflage fatigues for her trip.

Sophie’s mum might be recovering from surgery, her daughter may be suffering from a rare eye condition – although Buckingham Palace says the child is “absolutely fine” – but still the Countess flies out to Canada, “demonstrating the professionalism that is said to have made her such a firm favourite of the Queen”.

And one page on, unless our eyes deceive us, that’s Eddie, wearing a dark RAF-style blue suit, with yellow hankie rakishly tucked in the breast pocket, as he blends in with an aboriginal drumming and dancing troupe.

But then just as we’re about to ask him what he’s up to, and where he’s off to next, he’s gone. And so too is the Countess.

Which leave to once more to scour the pages of Hello! for a sighting of them and the chance to scream: “WALLIES!”’

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