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Spears Of Destiny

by | 17th, June 2005

‘JAMIE Oliver has now done for asparagus what he did for tongue.

‘It’s time we had a celebrity league table’

As the Telegraph says, a celebrity chef with a lisp might not be the ideal way to promote asparagus spears, but sales have almost quadrupled since Oliver told us to buy the veg on the telly.

It’s clear the boy has power. But, as the Telegraph explains, it’s a power dwarfed by that of his peers.

The paper has seen the list of the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world, as published by Forbes magazine, and we can see no mention of young Jamie.

Celebs are judged on internet mentions (that’s Paul Sorene’s Anorak), press clips, radio and TV appearances, earnings and the number of occasions they have graced the cover of 16 top magazines.

Which means Jamie is not on the list. And looking from the top down – Oprah Winfrey is No.1 – we can see only a few Brits who are considered influential enough to make the world buy asparagus, aubergines or any manner of vegetables.

Elton John ranks highest, coming in at No.9, ahead of J.K. Rowling (22), David Beckham (26), Rod Stewart (32) and Kate Moss (93).

Good for them, but it’s pretty slim picking for a nation that has produced so much celebrity. And it pricks us into action. And today we announce Anorak’s own most powerful list of the UK’s celebs.

Ranked on the ability to show flesh, snog in public, drink, swear and confront their demons via the pages of showbiz magazines, the list runs: 1. Abi Titmss; 2. Jesse Wallace; 3. Kerry Katona; 4. Gordon Ramsay…’

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