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No Degrees Of Separation

by | 20th, June 2005

‘SO good is education, that Tony Blair named it thrice.

Mike’s student days were the best of his life

Tony likes education. But, then, he would do. You see, Tony went to Oxford University in the 1960s, a period, as the Times tells us, when being a student was just terrific.

In a review of student life conducted by the Friends Reunited website, respondents to a questionnaire say that the best time to be a student was in the 1960s and 1970s.

Indeed, the greatest time of all to forgo soap was in 1973. Back then you could celebrate the end of the Vietnam War, be served by Mrs Slocombe and dance for the first Christmas of many to Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody.

Great days, indeed.

Now, of course, things are very different. Students have little time to form bands, like Tony’s Ugly Rumours, because they’re all to busy studying for tomorrow’s rosy-fingered dawn.

And they have to study; their debts won’t allow them to do anything else.

As the Telegraph says on its front page, almost 60 per cent of graduates are still being supported by their parents three years after leaving college.

The survey by the Royal Bank of Scotland makes for a disheartening read. And yesterday the National Union of Students lamented a generation of students unable to look after itself.

“Forcing students into such ridiculous levels of debt is ultimately going to put young people off higher education, which should be accessible to all,” says Hannah Essex, vice present of the NUS.

The obvious move is to take to the streets, hoist placards and storm the seat of Government. Policy must be changed. It’s time for revolution.

Failing that, if you’re Euan Blair or some other middle-class product, it’s time to petition mum and dad to buy you a flat, or two…’

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