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by | 21st, June 2005

‘ANNA Kournikova is gone, her appearances on a tennis court even more fleeting these days than when she was a full-time professional.

A look at women’s tennis

But where she led, others now follow. Not that any of these girls can ever be the new Kournikova – their intention to play in the second week of Wimbledon would seriously interfere with their modelling engagements.

And you mustn’t admire them as closely as you did dear Anna, either.

As the Star reports, ten stalkers have been banned from attending Wimbledon and upsetting the players.

All ten, described as “crazed”, have been warned off by a, er, letter. How a missive stops a nutcase from doing their worst is surely all in the wording.

But in case a letter is not enough – and how can it not be? – photographs of the ten have been handed to police and security guards.

And for added impact, the paper seems fit to name and shame a few of them.

The ten are said to include reining women’s champion Maria Sharapova’s stalker, Matthew Anthony Page. He, as the Mail writes, is reported to have said he “wanted to punch and kick” the Russian player’s head.

Other undesirables include Cornelius Horan, who attacked the leader of the men’s marathon at the Athens Olympics; undiluted idiot Karl Power, who appeared on Centre Court dressed in whites last year; Mark Roberts, who has streaked on Centre Court; and Paul Dacre, editor of the Mail, a paper for which female tennis is less a sport and more a chance to show readers pictures of toned teenage flesh.

Of course, one of those is a made up name. It’s Dacre. The Mail’s editor is not on the list. He is entirely innocent. But the Mail’s obsession with the leggier, blonder elements of the tennis circuit lays its intentions open to misinterpretation.

Indeed, its version on the story (“Ten banned by Wimbledon in stalker alert”) comes with a picture of Sharapova.

And in case you missed it, she can be most often seen bending over in a short white skirt to pick up balls. More photos of that great action to come…’

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