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Jolie Good Show

by | 22nd, June 2005

‘WHAT odds the romance between Bad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ending with a bang as their Mr and Mrs Smith movie is slam dunked into a bargain bucket?

Cut that out! People are watching!

That’s if there is any romance to end.

Pah! Of course there is says the Enquirer’s man in the know. No, not Brad. D’uh! What would he know about his love life. No, this is an “insider” who says Brad is “talking about marriage” to his co-star.

As the source says: “Brad’s already talking marriage to Angelina, and it’s what she wants, too.”

With three failed marriages between them it’s not too hard to believe that Brad and Ange talk about marriage.

What is more surprising is that after such high-profile failures in the marriage stakes, Hollywood’s finest still consider marriage a thing to aspire to.

While artistes in other parts of the world live on communes and spout free love, Hollywood’s elite get married.

But before we think of this pair as being to the right of conservative, the Enquirer has more news to shock, stun and amaze from the Brad and Ange stable.

“Did Brad and Angelina join the Mile High Club?” asks the magazine.

Rumours abound that the pair’s “secret relationship” (see Enquirer’s front cover, pages 6 and 7 and just about every publication this side of Mars), has reached new heights on a private jet plane.

It seems that the stars may not be quite so conventional after all, and might have engaged in pre-marital sex…with each other…on a plane.

And they might not have. Because the magazine tells us that whether they did or not is “up for debate”.

On one side is an “insider” who watches the stars leaving their aircraft. Both “acted as if there was nothing going on between them once they had landed”, says the man on the tarmac.

On the other side is a “source” at Toluca Airport, who says that when the plane landed, Angelina looked “refreshed and relaxed”.

Like she’d just travelled on a luxurious private jet? Or had been enjoying passionate sex with a Hollywood heartthrob?

The debate rages…’

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