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Diamond Nights

by | 22nd, June 2005

‘REMEMBER when Jennifer Lopez was madly, crazily, head-over-heels in love with Ben Affleck?

‘You used to bring me diamonds…’

It was a bit like the alleged Pitt-Jolie romance, only with worse acting, terrible films and bigger chins and backsides.

Anyhow, as you know, Ben and Jen broke up and went their separate ways. He went somewhere or other, and she went into the arms of Marc Anthony.

While we munched on the crab sticks and eel mouse left over from the wedding that never was, we got to learn that Anthony was a big star.

He and Jen then got married in touching modesty – no walking on water, no personalised rainbows and absolutely no million doves fired from a solid golf replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

Now, one year on from that great day, the Enquire tells us that Anthony has marked the occasion by giving his true love more than $6 million in diamond rings.

First, Anthony gave Jen a blue 14.5-carat, brilliant-cut, immaculate diamond ring set in a platinum band. This rock is worth more than $5 million.

The “hopeless romantic”, perhaps sensing disappointment in his beloved’s eyes, then gave her an 8.5-carat diamond ring which retails at $1 million.

Now she was happy. She was, as a source tells us, “overjoyed”.

And so too was Marc, who not only got to see his wife happy, but was the happy recipient of $50,000 of white two-door Lotus.

It was a dream anniversary, capped in the only way possible – a restaurant dinner of lobster ravioli, champagne and crepes with a hazelnut custard.

And then back home for a video of Gigli…’

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