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Brother, Son & Holy Ghost

by | 22nd, June 2005

‘IF only Jesus were alive today, he would appear on Big Brother and turn water into wine, cider and alcopops.

Derek was forced to pay dearly for failing this week’s task

The lame would get up and rave naked around the house; the dead would jump up and scream “I’m Mad Me”; and the Ten Virgins would pop their righteous cherries LIVE! on national TV.

You see, Andy Duncan, the head of Channel 4, says the Big Brother telly show is, as the Times puts it, a “modern-day embodiment of biblical values”.

And he doesn’t mean that we can expect a vengeful God to rain brimstone and fire upon the Big Brother house, turning a small part of Elstree into so much ash.

The Times hears Duncan, a practising Christian “on the evangelical wing of the church”, tell the Faithworld Christian group why the show is Heaven sent.

“Look beyond the shouting and swearing to the people themselves,” says he. “There are positive values, transformatory experiences and examples of personal growth to be found.”

So we’ve had another look at the show. And he’s right.

We do see personal growth in Maxwell’s shorts. We marvel at the transformation of Mikosi from a cardiac nurse into a scantily-clad Z-list celebrity. And we stand back in wonderment as Science speaks in tongues, each one more absurd and uplifting then the last.

It’s clear Duncan has a point. And having made it, he now wants to say that all Big Brother winners are “role models in their way”.

Just as Charles Manson was a role model for murderous lunatics, Big Brother winners tell any number of vain, posturing wannabes that they can dare to dream.

Duncan says that in “the final analysis viewers choose people whose values they identify with and admire”.

Can’t argue with that. Although some godless types do vote for the contestant with the best bum…’

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