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Princes & The Paupers

by | 23rd, June 2005

‘THE image is vivid.

Three’s a crowd

There was Princess Diana, top off, Duran Duran hairstyle soaked in beer and sweat, sitting atop her Prince’s shoulders, clapping in a rhythm of sorts as Howard Jones rocked the world.

Of course, our memories of the Princess have been stilted by her passing, and another image of Diana benignly sitting in the stands at Live Aid alongside her poker-stiff husband fights for our attention.

But no matter, because this time it will be different. Diana will not be at Live 8, we think. And neither will her now ex-husband the Prince, who, as the Mirror says, has a “prior engagement”.

And it might be lucky for him that he has. This show aims not to feed the world, as Live Aid did back in 1985, but to alter the global order.

It’s a case of Status Quo, yes; status quo, no. And it’s not easy changing things with a Prince sitting in the stands thinking it all a jolly good day out.

This is an event run by Bob Geldof, who’s invited us all to rise as one, anarchic Womble, campaigning clown and Phil Collins fan alike, and head from London’s Live 8 to Scotland to protest at the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

We are all as one in Bob’s eyes, brothers and sisters united in a power struggle to change the world – which, by happy coincidence, allows him to sing in front of thousands of people.

Only, Bob would quite like it if princes William and Harry could make it to the gig. And there’s no need for them to enter the prize draw like everyone else because Bob will give them each a ticket.

This is a revolution with a deferential nod to protocol and rank.

“William should be there,” says Geldof in the Sun. “His mum was there for the original and they should represent their generation.”

But on July 2, the date of the gig, William is booked to be on official duty with the British and Irish Lions in New Zealand and Harry will be marching up and down at Sandhurst.

“Ok,” says Sir Bob, “they may have other engagements but they should change them. Nothing is more important.”

Apart from debt relief for starving Africans, of course…’

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