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by | 23rd, June 2005

‘“SURE Svetlana still smells of the meat truck she was smuggled into the country on, but she is so very good with little Jake. And she is cheaper to run than the new video game thingy he wanted.”

‘Smile or mummy will deport me’

That’s an extract from a typical conversation had by thousands of mums in coffee bars and gyms the length and breadth of Surrey.

But things are about to change. As the Mail reports, families who employ illegal workers as nannies could face unlimited fines or even two years in jail.

The new Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill says it is an offence to employ a black market worker.

Immigration Minister Tony McNulty tells the Sun: “If it is a full-time childminder living in the home and National Insurance contributions are paid then that is an employment contract.”

So the scribble is on the wall for women employing cheap labour to look after their little loves.

Although, if mum does go to jail, there is the possibility she’ll see it as a chance to get away from the kids, and, with any luck, she’ll get to share a cell with the indispensable Svetlana…’

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