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Kyle Be Back

by | 24th, June 2005

‘WHERE the Crazy Frog leads, others can only follow.

Madder than a box of Crazy Frogs

And we read on the Sun’s front page that Charlotte Church is set to release a new single called Crazy Chick next week.

But before we dash out and buy it – and before she and the Frog perform a duet that gets the papers talking about a possible romance and, who knows, even spawn – let’s check out just how cray-zee she really is.

On the Sun’s front page (“CRAZY CHICK”), a nation learns that police had to break up a “huge row” between Church and her former boyfriend, Kyle Johnson.

Johnson, you will remember, sold secrets of he and Charlotte’s love affair to a newspaper. So when they bumped into each other in a Cardiff bar, words were exchanged.

Things were said, two men exchanged blows and the bouncers threw the singer and Johnson out.

Police then arrived and told the exes to calm down. Then the pair went into her flat in Cardiff and the row continued.

This looks like a bout of madness, but surely it’s no more insane than any youthful city centre night out in which alcohol and hormones play a part.

But the Mirror maintains that Church is the “CRAZY CHICK”, and sees Church and Johnson “pushing and shoving” each other. The paper even hears Kyle scream: “I love you! I love you!”

But does any of this make Church certifiably crazy? We think not, and wager that she’s no more mad than she is a frog. Or a whole box of them…’

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