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Word Blindess

by | 24th, June 2005

‘TODAY we learn that using offensive epithets like “wog”, “pakis”, “yid” and “black bastard” are not against the law.

To avoid causing offence, each ethnic will be issued with these new pyjamas

And no, it’s not because the law says they are good words but because the High Court has ruled.

So long as no-one from an ethnic background hears you say the odious words, they are fine and dandy.

The ruling stems from a recent case in which one Leslie “gypo” Collins, of Leicester, left messages for his local MP, David Taylor.

Under the 1984 Telecommunication Act, Collins was arrested and prosecuted for leaving messages that were “grossly offensive or of an obscene or menacing character”.

Sadly, the prosecution was unsuccessful. And his led to the Director of Public Prosecutions taking the case to the High Court in the hope of overturning the verdict.

But the presiding judges, Lord Justice “wop” Sedley and Mr Justice “Jew boy” Mitting, agreed with the magistrates’ ruling that however offensive the remarks are they are not criminal.

Fair enough. But we are concerned. While ethnic people of dark skin are often easy to spot in the winter months, not all Muslims, Jews and gypsies are all that noticeable.

Accordingly, we humbly ask the powers that be to make things easy for us – we don’t want to break the law of the land – and encourage all such ethnics to go about in a fashion that lets everyone know who they are.

A yellow star stitched onto their clothing should do it. And should prevent decent folk from inadvertently causing them any offence…’

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