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Caught Underwears

by | 27th, June 2005

‘EAUN keeps an abused photo of Margaret Thatcher under his mattress! Leo looks like Robin Cook! Cherie controls Tony with a series of command words and choccy treats!

No-one mention the flats

None of the above is true, of course. But today the Telegraph does tell us of some other revelations rocking the House of Blair.

Over the weekend, the Telegraph happened upon a copy of the News of the World, and therein learnt how premier pants-picker Carole Caplin was duped by a reporter posing as a wealthy Arab businessman into speaking candidly about the Blairs’ private lives.

This is a tried-and-tested trick of the paper, it having performed the same move when posing as a potential client for the now Countess of Wessex’s PR firm.

Now, on the heels of “Sophiegate” we have what will doubtless be dubbed Cheriegate, a tale in Caplin says she sees Tony as her “older bother”.

It’s alleged Caplin said the Blair’s new house in Bayswater is “horrible”, that Tony’s “put on weight”, how he’s “not fit in the right way” and “he’s in dire straits”.

And that’s not all! Ok, it is. The idea with these stories is that the blabbermouth has so much more to say.

But while we wait for another pasty-faced reporter to put a tablecloth on his head and pretend to be interested in buying Surrey, the Telegraph delights in telling its readers how Cherie has now pulled out of a gala opening of a shopping centre in Malaysia.

And it’s not because she’s not being paid enough, but rather because, as a Downing Street spokesperson puts is, she is “no longer able to”.

What’s more, Cherie will be donating the “substantial fee” earned for presenting a television documentary about prime ministers’ spouses and life inside No. 10.

The programme, to be screened on Channel 4, is based on Cherie’s book, The Goldfish Bowl, and will feature the author in conversation with three former ‘First Ladies’, Clarissa Eden, Mary Wilson and Norma Major.

Dressed as a rich Arab princess, Cherie will attempt to get to the heart of what it is to be a wife of the most powerful man in British politics.

The show will then break for adverts for things like rail travel, the new superhero film and no win, no fee legal advice. Then back to Cherie…’

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