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In Line To The Throne

by | 28th, June 2005

‘HAVING chosen to stick with the Sun, readers now get to hear the “FULL AMAZING STORY” about Princess Diana.

A nose for trouble

Over three pages of tightly woven text emanating from the pen of professional Diana confidant Simone Simmons, we finally get to learn everything.

Only, we don’t, and, as is the way with the Diana marketing machine, it’s likely we never will.

Ever since Diana died and stopped selling herself through approved books and TV interviews, others have been dining out on her name.

And for a woman who was so famously svelte, there seems to be a remarkably large amount of juicy meat on her frame. After years of chomping, the Diana feeders appear to be no nearer the heart of the matter.

But we do learn that, according to Simmons, Diana tried cocaine once. She didn’t like and only took it because her then boyfriend was “a habitual user and urged her to try it”.

His name was Dodi Fayed. And he was to become Diana’s “mission of the moment”. “She always helped lame ducks who came her way,” writes Simmons.

So what of JFK Junior? Was he another of Di’s pet projects, less sex bomb than waddling land mine?

Over in the Express, “highly placed sources in the US and Britain” have considered yesterday’s Sun story that Diana and Kennedy slept together and now deliver their verdicts.

“Patrick Jephson, Diana’s former private secretary, author of ‘Shadows Of A Princess: An Intimate Account by Her Private Secretary’ and ‘Portraits of a Princess: Travels with Diana’, says how he set up the meeting between Diana and JFK Junior and sat right through it.

How such a claim helps salvage a little of Diana’s reputation is a moot point.

Perhaps best to leave that aside, or until Jephson writes an X-rated book on it, and hear instead from some of those top US people, one of whom is now referred to as a “friend of” Kennedy’s.

But once more, what we hear hardly buries Simmons’ claim. The friend says that Kennedy went to Diana’s New York hotel equipped with a secretary, only she waited in the foyer while her boss had a “short and nothing but professional meeting upstairs with the princess”.

And so it goes. Until one day we can piece all the bits we know and don’t know about Diana’s life together. And then set about deconstructing her…’

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