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Scrubbing Up

by | 28th, June 2005

‘GEORGE Clooney may have been out-acted by the ECG machines on ER, but he did look pretty tidy in his scrubs. No need for anaesthesia as patients swooned for the good doctor.

Back in Blighty, the medical profession turned as green as Clooney’s pyjamas with envy.

While America had Clooney, British medicine has had to make do with Dr Legg and his eyebrows (the only facial features with their own equity card) and Robert Winston…in a suit and tie.

It was only a matter of time before things changed. And, as the Times reports, members of the British Medical Association have now passed a motion calling for their traditional white coats to be replaced by sexy scrubs.

Of course, a weighty group such as the BMA cannot alter what has been the uniform of the medical profession since the Victorian age on a mere vanity, and it claims the new look is for health reasons.

As the paper says, the loose-fitting smocks and baggy trousers are considered less hazardous to a patient’s health because unlike the white coats they are washed to sterility and never leave the hospital.

Unless, of course, it’s rag week, and the student doctors have dressed up as the cast of ER and are trying to impress the local lovelies down the pub.

In which case they’ll be covered in lipstick, vomit and crisps…’

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