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What’s The Story?

by | 28th, June 2005

‘WHO ripped the last page from the Balamory story book?

Who dunnit?

If there is to be a cliffhanger when the hit children’s TV show comes to an end after 254 episodes, my money is on Edie McCredie, the Kristin Shepherd of the colourful Scottish village, being the guilty party.

When apprehended she might like to share with my eldest daughter what she did with the original Josie Jump, who was exchanged for a fresher, more coffee-skinned model with worse diction.

The search for Josie I could spawn an entire spin-off series. But for now, after four years of the hit children’s TV show, the producers have run out stories.

And congratulations to them for biting the bullet. If only EastEnders would do the same and stop repeating itself in evermore diluted form.

Look out for next week’s showing of the Beeb’s flagship soap when Ozcab 5 finally arrives back at base. We laugh, cry and nod knowingly as the old cast start phoning in for cabs.

Ozcab 5 then takes each of them the long way round Walford as they make their rheumy-eyed reminiscences from the back of a rusting Datsun Sunny.

EastEnders has long since passed its jump the shark moment – the phrase used to pinpoint the time when a TV show goes downhill (from the Happy Days episode where Fonzie overcomes his fear of sharks by jumping over one while wearing water skis).

Balamory was not even close to hearing the Jaws theme music. Hey, it wasn’t even in the water. If there was a fin sighted, Archie would have made it into a robot for painting rubber ducks yellow.

But in getting out early the show stands less of a chance of going stale.

Though not in the same league as Bagpuss, that Fawlty Towers of the children’s TV stable, a perennial favourite of which only thirteen episode were even made, Balamory will depart as a hit.

Not that it will ever really go away. Modern telly means that children will not see any new episodes after the current batch have been aired, but they will be able to watch the old ones on cable.

For some, that means countless chances to look for a shark jump moment. For others, it’s the opportunity to see if they can work out when Josie Jump had hers…’

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