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Taking The Pee

by | 29th, June 2005

‘EVER wonder what it must be like to live with Ken Livingstone, the London mayor?

Ken is a keen recycler

It is unlikely the grey, unlovely Livingstone makes it onto many of our desert island shag lists, and when we mean live with him we have no wish to scare your pliable minds with images of the naked Livingston body at its most rampant.

To explain our request, we need to show you the Times’s article, and therein see how Livingstone has implored Londoners to stop flushing their toilets.

He stops short of telling them to wee in the sink, in the Thames or against the wheel of a London cab, but Livingstone wants us to think twice before flushing the bog.

You see, Ken understands the need to conserve water, as any newt fancier should, and that means not using a hosepipe to water your garden or wash your car and not flushing the loo.

As Ken tells a press conference at his City Hall den, “don’t flush the lavatory if you have just had a pee”. Should we wait a while until some of our urine has evaporated into the atmosphere?

“I want Londoners to make small changes to save water without affecting the quality of life,” says Ken.

So let’s stop flushing the toilet. And if we don’t act now, we may be forced to change.

What odds on a ban on flushing the toilet between certain hours or on using a toilet in the middle of town without a permit.

Or paying the mayor’s office a congestion charge for each piece of toilet paper that blocks up the system?’

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