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by | 29th, June 2005

‘WHAT looked like a rumour to market a film now looks like a rumour to sell a newspaper. Yes, it’s more on the Pitt-Jolie romance.

Get a room!

And things have moved on from when Brad and Ange were mentally undressing each other at every premier of their new movie. And today we read the Star’s sensational headline: “BRAD THE DAD.”

The front-page news is that La Jolie is expecting Pitt’s baby and is three months gone, or “three months in the club”, as the paper has it as the story continues on Page 3.

At which point we’d like to offer her our hearty congratulations to the couple.

But before we despatch a squadron of plans to draw two interlocking hearts in the skies above Jolie’s home, we are stopped in our tracks.

Although a “source” says Jolie is pregnant, Jolie is staying mum about the story.

And that’s typical of the love affair that has left the stars involved speechless for the past eight months.

While the marketing men and women in shiny suits and hair do the talking…’

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