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Road Hedgehogs

by | 30th, June 2005

‘“WHERE have all the hedgehogs gone?” asks the Times.

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Perhaps they’ve gone to hedgehog heaven, which, as everyone knows, is in the middle of the A38. Or they’ve been hognapped by a shadowy Albanian pin-cushion gang?

Wherever they have gone, gone they have. As the Times says, sightings of the spiny creatures are down by fifth in three years.

A group called Mammals Trust UK conducted a study in 2004 called the Mammals on Roads Survey.

And it noted the decline in hedgehog numbers, a drop especially severe in the eastern regions – three years ago four hedgehogs were spotted for every 63 miles driven but, last year, the figure dropped to just two.

So when the annual survey begins tomorrow, you are invited to play your part in helping us learn what has become of the hedgehog.

Truckers are asked to keep their eyes peeled. Keen eye-spyers on long journeys are urged to look out for anything beginning with “DH”. Caravaners are requested to drive very slowly in the middle lane and keep a look out.

And all drivers are begged to try and not to run over any live hedgehogs – you wouldn’t want to get a puncture, would you?’

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