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We Are Sailing

by | 4th, July 2005

‘UNHAPPILY, no number of Live 8 concerts could make room for Mike Batt and his protest song of a generation, Remember You’re A Womble.

Bobbing Around

But never fear, because, as the Telegraph reports, with or without Batt, the Wombles are today descending on Edinburgh, along with members of Dissent! and some clowns.

Under the banner “Carnival For Full Enjoyment”, anarchists, anti-capitalists and people who just like to dress up are invited to assemble at noon at the west end of Princes Street for much fun and revelry.

Sadly, we cannot make it. Anorak is today being transmitted from a small wooden gin palace in the middle of the English Channel.

Along with three sailing boats and a single motorboat, we had heard Bob Geldof’s call to sail to France, bringing back hundreds is not thousands of protestors.

As the Times reports, Don Brind, organiser of Sail 8, is “disappointed” about the lack of boats. “Some things work out better than others,” says he. “I think we can conclude this was one of those.”

But not everyone is unhappy. And we can say that the fifteen Albanian men and women we picked up floating on a li-lo five miles off the Dover coast are delighted.

As is the owner of the Giorgio Lamborghini fashion warehouse and sweatshop in Burnley who will soon be doing his bit to spread £2.25-an-hour of his wealth to the world’s poor…

Paul Sorene’

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